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My desire for you is to find a home deep within, to heal, and be nourished from the inside out. We have the potential to feel more whole, more grounded, and to know ourselves and the world around us more fully. Through intentional movement, breath, meditation, mantra, and right action, the ancient art and science of yoga can come alive when each one of us creates more clarity and ease. This is a home for all those people who seek to connect with their body, free themselves from physical and emotional burdens, improve their health, and who want to create internal awareness.


My Approach

In my work as a Yoga teacher, I dedicate myself to the creation and preservation of a safe space in which students can sense, move and be. In my classes and workshops I blend in all my experiences as a human, woman and yoga student. My trainings over the last years provide me with a rooted base from where I can integrate various intentions for class. The sessions can be slow, soft and gentle but at the same time also very challenging and dynamic. I integrate meditation, breath work, asana and the sound of healing instruments.

I mostly teach Hatha Yoga with Kundalini meditation and some flow from Vinyasa practice. My classes are mainly for beginners and intermediate level. They are particularly suited for everyone: I welcome people of all ages, levels, shapes and sizes, regardless of your flexibility and fitness. I really mean it. Yoga is for everyBODY.

*Classes are in Spanish and English.


Group Sessions

Small groups, with a personalized and safe environment for everyone.


Privet Sessions

1-on-1 session, we can concentrate on your particular needs and tailor.


Corporate Yoga Classes

Improve your team's morale, focus, and energy with a yoga class at work.

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