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Sessions in English and Spanish


 Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage is used to relax the muscles and dissolve contractures that are produced by stress, excess exercise, poor posture, lack of rest or a life too sedentary, at the same time to relax the full body as well.

During the massage process, I will identify the most tense and tired muscles, performing maneuvers, techniques and pressures to recover their normal function and mobility and reducing the pain that this produces.


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Relaxing Massage

This massage was developed as a combination of thousand-year-old maneuver techniques. Applying deep stretching movements used by various cultures, providing body-mind balance, softens muscle pains and relaxes the body in the first session. This technique allows for immediate lightness and well-being sensation.


Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage

In India Abhyanga is called the massage of pure love because it is given from an attitude of the open heart and this also reaches our soul. The whole body is empathetically poured with warm oils and then massaged with light pressure. Radiance, energy and vitality return to your body and can flow freely. This is a massage with a relaxing focus, I work with the energy of the chakras to create a physical and energetic balance.


Holistic Therapeutic

A holistic therapeutic massage is a body massage, that treats the body as a whole person. It is the holistic therapeutic massage that helps guide the person’s body to find internal and external balance. This massage has a relaxing focus and Reiki is applied to different parts of the body to create physical, mental and energetic healing.


Face, Scalp, & Neck Massage

I focus on releasing tensions and stresses that build up in the tissues and muscles of the scalp, face and neck. Firm but gentle movements are used, including acupressure points, which improves blood circulation, nourishes hair shafts, and strengthens roots to encourage hair growth. This massage also renews energy levels and is ideal for people who suffer from migraines or headaches, anxiety, insomnia and tinnitus.

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